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Welcome To Maman Joon

Here at Maman Joon, our philosophy is simple – food should be authentic, well-crafted, and delicious. We practice this in everything we create, from our homemade yogurts to our fresh-baked breads.

As for the restaurant's name, the word Maman means “mom" and the word Joon means “soul, spirit of life." Used in a modern day to mean “dear", as a gesture of close kinship and hospitality.

So all together Maman Joon, means DEAR MOM!

Food is the language through which mom best knows how to express herself. Maman Joon is a place for family and friends to come together. You're welcome to meet us there.

Mom's food, Made with love!


We take pride in creating authentic Persian food that reflects our heritage. Our ingredients are always fresh, most of our spices come from Iran, and our menu is lovingly prepared using our treasured family recipes. Come experience the taste of Maman Joon!

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Catering is our passion at Maman Joon and we customize your menu according to your needs. We offer a delicious array of authentic Persian dishes, from the colorful vegetarian dishes like Shirin Polo to mouth-watering Salmon, Lamb, Chicken & Beef kababs, all presented beautifully.

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Maman Joon brings our family table to you. With generations of authentic Mediterranean recipes, choose from an array of menu options that will deliver the true taste of the Mediterranean. Fresh, healthy, and authentic food is the Maman Joon way.

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